Ode to romance

stealing      For lovers every day is Love Day. Each day goes by holding within one more keepsake of another perfect memento. A smile, a rose, an unexpectedly cute text, a wink, a tease and countless more little tokens of fondness and tenderness designed by the perfect architect: a lover.

       I never guessed someone could tell I love you every day. I never imagined someone would tell me this even more than once a day. I never knew how versatile I love you is and how sometimes it means thank you or good bye. Because while leaving for work, he never says good bye. He says “I’m driving soon. I love you.”

       Sometimes I reread some of our texts and they are so beautiful in their perfection, so sweet and powerful, that they sound like favorite lines from a screenplay. I didn’t had the heart to erase them. They are part of our story. A very creative and inspiring part. But then I had too many saved messages and the app used to freeze from time to time because of them. So I had to find a way to keep them before clearing my Viber history. I used the screen capture feature the phone has and stored them in my pictures folder. Our written statements of love were finally safe for good. Some of them make me giggle, others make me blush with delight, and all together are enchanted words that disclose a secret passage to what I like to call our own fairytale.

       It’s amazing how as time passes by, the new memories push back the old ones and you barely have time to think or remember them. But then, while scrolling through my secret treasure, I can recall the exact moment those words were said, the context and the feeling that invaded me then and which continues to reverberate till the present moment.

       So I had a playful idea. Why not make it a lovely scrapbook? With the two of us on the cover and filled with lots of almost forgotten messages we exchanged since the beginning. From the first poem he inspired me and our shy comments after the first uttered I love you until the most ardent words that followed. Yeah, he might also think I’m kinda goofy to have such an impressive collection of messages, but as I know him, he might just be impressed. In the best way. So that’s what he’ll get for Valentine’s.

flirty be mine 100 kisses


3 thoughts on “Ode to romance

  1. Oh I love this idea so much!!! I hate to delete some of the silly and everyday romantic texts from My Honey… this may just be a way I will ‘keep’ them myself! Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. This is beautiful. It reminds me of the Seinfeld episode with “Schmoopy” in it. You two are absolutely adorable! I love this. 🙂

    Blessings to you and your marriage always. May you continue this beautiful love and adoration that you share for one another!


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