We chose each other

Dearest love,

       You still remember? It was the most elevated state of bliss we’ll ever know. The supreme sense of love, warmth, light, melodicity and colors all at once. We felt it without touching it. We saw it without looking at it. We understood it without the disturbance of any explanation being made. It was both within and around us. We were it and it was us. Just like the sprinkles from a spring. Countless miniature copies of the primordial source. All that was ever been created and all that will ever be, bathing in harmony and joy – entities supplementing themselves with what we commonly name life. It was the beginning of all there is. The dawn of all our journeys. And as we gain more consciousness of ourselves, we realised we came in pairs. We barely had any shape, like the fragrance that can’t be constrained by any form, but each soulmates’ aura shone in a very distinct way, glowing with its own divine energy. You and me… we glowed the same. Like all the beings that were made for each other. And no matter how many times we’ll be born into this world, we will always found each other, life after life. We belong together throughout eternity. It is our promise of love and happiness. The destiny we chose. Our legacy.



5 thoughts on “We chose each other

  1. You and me…we glowed the same. I loved that part. Well I really loved the whole thing. I love how much stronger and deeper young love grows through time, but this post reminded me of the excitement and anticipation that can only be found in those early days. Thanks for sharing.


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