31 DAYS – a writing challenge – day 30

Dearest love,

       You know how we sometimes argue about who loves the other the most? And we try to win by saying the most adorable or goofiest things ever, until we’re no longer just a playful pair, but lovers that genuinely share the depths of their feelings. And every time, as by a silent agreement, we give in one to another, ultimately agreeing we love each other just as much.

       Would that be possible? Could two persons love exactly the same way, at the same time, with the same intensity? They say that in a couple there’s always someone who loves more. Who offers more, who forgives more. And who also suffers more, being more exposed, more vulnerable.

       Maybe it’s somehow idealistic or utopian to believe you can be loved the way you love. Or maybe it’s just the need of a heart previously crushed to feel just as loved in return. But what if… maybe, just maybe, the merging of two soulmates is so perfect that none of them could possible be loved less than the other?

       Because, as I see it, love is an energetic exchange. A divine spring we continuously replenishe with our most sublime feelings and dreams, care and tenderness – unceasingly flowing from one to another. And as long as both of us will refine it with what’s best in us, we will always have the exactly amount of love that we need.

       This is what I like to believe. This is how one of my favorite theories about love sounds like. But maybe it’s not so every time. Maybe it’s not applicable in every relationship. Maybe the mundane opinion it is the right one and it’s true that someone suffers more in a relationship. But even so, sweet darling, I wouldn’t be afraid to be the one that loves the most.

       It cheers my heart to love you. It puts life into it.

Forever and beyond,



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