Forbidden friendship

31 DAYS – a writing challenge – day 21

       In my grandparents commune there’s an annual fair every August 15. They bring swings, carousels, cotton candy, music bands and many other things to attract locals and visitors alike. Now they even have fireworks. All the families prepare for this feast with at least a week in advance. The fences are being freshly painted. The kitchens whitewashed. Sponge cakes are being cooked, and cookies, and lots of traditional foods. And in every home you can find vases filled with flowers from their own gardens and lots of joy everywhere. So the village became very colourful and animated with all the preparations and the visitors.

       We also used to go while my grandparents lived. The grown ups usually had their barbeques, while the teens gathered for a more youthful kind of fun. And so it happened that one summer, a friend from the neighbours told me there’s a boy who likes me and he want to know if I like him too. I had no idea whom is she talking about, even if she mention we said hello a few times already. Well, I said hello to lots of people there. They were all new faces, so I couldn’t recall all of them. But I asked more about him and also to show him to me with the first ocasion. Which she did.  He was in the school football team and of the age of fourteen, just like me. It was kinda cute. Especially while strolling several times a day in front of my grandparents house just to say hello or to have a glimpse of me.

Untitled-3       We only had some small talks as teens usually have, while playing chess on the porch with other friends or playing with my cousin dog in front of the house. But my grandma and my aunt that has the house just next to her, begin to ask what do I have to talk with that guy. I didn’t quite understand it at first, but soon the mystery was disclosed.

       Most of Romanians were pretty discriminating when I was a teen. The situation changed somehow in the last 10 years, but back then, the last thing you wanted to be was different. And he was a gipsy. So they told me they don’t want to see him in front of their house again or they will send him away. Because what will the neighbours say if he keeps showing there? In the country side it’s all about what others might say. But I’m not the kind that blindly obey. So I still exchanged a few words with him every time we met. He even picked a rose from my grandma’s garden once and gave it to me, telling me that I’m beautiful. I blushed and kept the rose on my night stand that night. Then I soon went home and all became just a summer memory.


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