The city of love

31 DAYS – a writing challenge – day 19

1       I had a dream. I wished to fly. I wished for so long that it finally came true. And the best part of it was the destination: Paris.

       I can’t explain the attraction I always felt for this city. The streets, the harmonics played by trubadurs, the art, the artists and culture, the life style, the night life… they all called me to come back in a place I’ve never been. Not in this life at least. But in a previous one I must have been a Parisian for sure.

       Now, after all this time, my memories are like the pieces of a kaleidoscope. They derive one from another, continuously merging into a new one and still old at the same time.

       I can still remember the smell of paint inside Louvre. Or of donuts outside Moulin Rouge. The taste of the most delicious croissant I ever had. My first sushi. The snails dish. That Thai cocktail that made me tipsy. I can still recollect the magnificent view from Eiffel Tower. The souvenirs they sell on the second floor. The gothic and austere style of Saint Eustache. The big head piece of art everyone snapped pictures with. The rain that made my hair curly. The coffee served with a biscuit. The children chorus that made Notre Dame look as if it was dwelled by angels. The bridges… the sun setting over Sacre Coeur… the champaigne served inside Moulin Rouge… the french Can-Can… the girl swinging over the audience while singing “C’est feerie”. And so it was.

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3 thoughts on “The city of love

  1. Oh, I love to fly. Can’t wait to go gliding in the near future.
    Yes, Paris is absolutely wonderful, but you need to go with your significant one, not with friends, as I did. It’s extremely romantic. I hope I’ll go with my babes one day. 🙂


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