Truth or dare

31 DAYS – a writing challenge – 17th day

truth or dare       My bestie was a volunteer for an NGO that was forming a supportive group for integrating into society youngsters of a disadvantaged category. I also attended the training course, which was led by a psychologist of the age of 24, the same age as me. My cousin was studying social assistance, and after I told her what a hot shot the psychologist was, she also felt she need some volunteer activities and joined the training course.

       I had a thing for that guy. He was unbelievable smart, funny, with a great smile and amazing blue eyes. But then even my cousin begin to like him very much. Truth be told, I’m sure he fed the butterflies of mostly all of the girls in the room. Though I think I was the one that less showed it. Maybe that’s why he felt safe to challenge me more during his course, probably feeling safe and sure I wasn’t going to misunderstand his attention as the other pretty infatuated girls might. And I didn’t. I think that most of all I admired him. It was very professional at such a young age, so dedicated to his work. He didn’t had much experience in his field, but it was a natural, truly gifted. He combined extremely interesting theory with games during his teachings.

       One day he proposed we all play truth or dare. It was a great introspective tool. And I liked he didn’t remained a distant mediator, but also played. After several dares and truths that amused us all, one of the guys dared him to kiss me. We were around 20 persons there, all young, all about the same age. Some laughed, some boys whistled, a few girls gave me killing looks, while still trying to look amused. I was flushing scarlet red. I could read on my cousin face, who stood next to me, how much she wanted to be in my place, but I guess she was also glad it was me instead of any other girl.

       He said that as the daring involves another person, he must ask me if I agree. So it became my call. I wished we kissed just for fun, as a moment of glory in front of all the girls that wanted the same thing, but my cousin had such a deer look… I couldn’t do that to her. For me wouldn’t had meant too much, but for her… who knows? It might have felt as treason from my part. So I said no.

       We still laugh when we remember that episode. Soon after, in a month or so, the guy went to another city for a few months, then he got hired somewhere else. And it might not be just a coincidence that many of the zealous volunteers began to find other interesting things to do just about the same period.


7 thoughts on “Truth or dare

    • When I start this blog I had no intention in writing anything else but love letters, as the title says, but then the 31 days challenge came in, so memories it is. :))


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