My teenage biggest crush

31 DAYS – a writing challenge – 16th day

no_kisses_by_strawberrykill-d48wr8z       The Americans have their sweet sixteen amazing party. Some Latin American cultures celebrate a girl’s fifteenth birthday with a Quinceañera. Romanians have “Majoratul”, or the coming of age, both for girls and boys, at the age of 18, when you usually throw the biggest birthday party you ever had and you get to invite all your class mates plus all your neighbourhood friends and family.

       Me and my brother we are both born on April 7, but he’s 3 years older. So it was his coming of age. His huge birthday party was scheduled for the weekend. The phone rang the whole week. I answered several times, giving the club address again and again. And from all those unknown voices, one stuck with me. It was very deep and masculine for a boy of 18. I didn’t knew how he looked like, but his voice swept me off my feet.

       He began to call more often, and I was thrilled to answer. My brother was almost never at home, so I got to hear his voice a few times a day. When I was home alone, I even let the phone ring longer, so it wouldn’t feel like I was waiting by the phone for him to call, while when there was someone else at home, I got mad if they answered.

       Soon enough I had a glimpse of him thru my room’s ajar door. He came to my brother for a cassette or something and I got to take a peek. Oh, my… he looked dreamy! Very fashionable dressed, really tall, dark-haired, dark eyes and I noticed he had an earring. I had a crush on him right then and there! I couldn’t wait for the weekend!

       At the party, we were between the first to arrive and as soon as the music start, he invited me to dance. Of course that my heart said yes, yes, yes, please, but my lips said no. He went directly for a smoke outside, unpleased by my refusal. He later on come back at my table and had a seat. He asked if I’m having fun. I said yes, but only afterwards I realised how “my fun” looked like. I practically sat at my table the whole evening, with my eyes looking for him everywhere, almost without noticing anyone else. We exchaged a lot of intense looks.

       After that he came very often to our place. Him and another 3-4 classmates, boys and girls, were coming to study with my brother. Yeah, right. They usually had pizza and a few drinks, as in Romania it is legal to drink after the age of 18.

       He very often came into my room to say hi or just to smile or to wink at me. I usually was with a friend, playing something on my console or Rummy. Every now and then he also joined us for a little while. He sat next to me, and every time, “casually”, his foot was touching mine. And every time my brother called him to them, spoiling all the fun.

       That’s the only contact we had for a year. But in one of those “study days”, he had a few drinks too much. I could tell he’s been drinking, not like other times. I was in my room with a friend, watching a girlie movie. He again sat next to me, only that this time, he put his arm around my shoulders. He was looking right into my eyes and it was clear he was thinking to kiss me. As he draw near me, I felt the smell of alcohol. I didn’t like it and I said a silly thing about the movie we were watching before, my friend laugh, so he stopped half way. The moment went away, as well as him. It felt awkward. I daydreamed about him for so long, I liked him so much, it was the biggest crush I ever had and when he finally made a move, I rejected him. It just didn’t felt right. I didn’t want my first kiss to happen that way. So it didn’t.


10 thoughts on “My teenage biggest crush

  1. This brings me back to my high school days. Crushes and young love. I enjoyed your story and am happy there was something inside you telling you not to say yes even though your heart wanted to.


    • Thanks for passing by, airman2mom.
      I guess it was just infatuation.
      Strangely enough, I didn’t like him too much afterwards.
      It didn’t felt so special anymore due those alcohol steams.


  2. This is a fun story. Love the way you write. I was the girl who did kiss the drunken boy because I was an awkward 16 with no first kiss. I think you did the right thing in not kissing him. 🙂


    • Thank you, Jamie. I also was the last among my friends to not have been kissed yet, so I can understand the pressure and the curiosity. It’s ok either way. Those drunky guys must also get lucky sometimes. They’re just confused teens after all. 😀


  3. What a fun thing to write about. I admire that at such a young age you knew what you wanted and stood up for it.

    I should write about my first crush (Carl) too and see if there is anything I can admire or learn about me.


    • Thank you, Susan. You make it sound like such a brave act. I must say, with all modesty, that the choice was out of pickiness. It wasn’t a very romantic moment.

      Yes, you should definitely write about Carl. Would be fun to read. 🙂


  4. Good for you for sticking to your instincts! Honestly, it kind of sounds like he was a “player.” Interesting to get a peek into life in Romania as well.

    Cindy Garrett Swanson


  5. Thank you, Cindy. Poor guy…
    I don’t know how much of a player was he at the age of just 18. 😀
    Thanks for peeking. You’re welcome to peek again anytime you want. 🙂


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