Girlie things

31 DAYS – a writing challenge – 15th day

et1.2        I like glitter. I like bows. And ribbons, and beads, and gems, and all those little things that glow with glamour. I liked them all, but I didn’t knew how much until I received my first purrrfect “Five dollar shake” greeting card. I was in awe. I still am, everytime I look thru my old ones, or on their website, to see what’s new.

       They inspired me so much that I tried to create some similar greeting cards. I was so excited! I’ve searched on lots of websites for best materials, then I paid a designer to make me a pattern in Corel, that I could print on the special paper card I bought. I also got some glossy colored envelopes, as I intended to match the glitter or beads’ color used on the card with the envelope. All looked so wonderful that I couldn’t wait to get to work.

       I had a few unsuccessful attempts at first, but only because I wanted that the final result to be flawless. And I made it. I finally create some really nice greeting cards that become a lovely surprise for my friends birthdays.

       I even begin to dream that I could create much more and sell them on ebay or a similar local website. But… because it always have to be a but, between the materials expenses and posting costs, the final price would be to expensive, so I wouldn’t have to many customers.

       And so it happened that another dream end up in my drawer. One day, though, I will take it out. I will make it real.

One of my tries

photo 1


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