I’m hearing voices

31 DAYS – a writing challenge – 14th day

PL1_8042       There’s absolutely nothing in the world that could ever make me feel more happy than love. In each and every way it may manifest itself, love is the most cherished and divine feeling I’ll ever know. For me that’s the supreme state of bliss.

       Still, there are many other things that also bring me joy at different intensities. Some of my favorite for a mood boost, in a very random way, are:
– lit up scented candles – their diffuse light and fragrance inspire me from writing poems to naughty thoughts; 😉
– have some chocolate, maybe combined with a glass of red wine – amazing combination, especially if it’s dark chocolate;
– daydreaming, making plans for the future – sometime in such detail, that it almost feel like I’m living in an alternative world;
– read a book;
– play some Candy Crush – I can feel my babes rolling his eyes while I’m confessing this; :))
– window shopping – yup, sometimes it’s enough just to see all that fashion have to offer;
– succumb to my previous guilty pleasure and actually buy what I like, not just admire it from the distance.
657789_main       Because, I must admit it. Shopping makes me happy. I know… Shocking, right? For a woman to feel in the seventh heaven just by buying herself a little something every now and then. But I’m not a shopaholic. Honestly, I’m not. Well, maybe because I can’t afford it. :)) Just kidding, I’m just not. And I hope I’ll never become one. They say that when you feel the need to compulsively buy things, it’s because you lack something in other aspects of your life. So I’m happy I can enjoy shopping in a moderate and innocent way. I buy just for the beauty of it. Like today, when this marvelous pair of boots seemed to whisper me: “buy us, buy us”. And then a very cute t-shirt said something similar: “pick me, pick me”. How could I have resist it? They were searching for a home. I just gave them one, out of charity. They deserve it! 😀


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