First impression

31 DAYS – a writing challenge – eleventh day

my heart

       Is the first impression deceiving or not? I liked him at first sight. It was like a magnet that pulled me towards him while ringing all my safety alarms. Many details about him were wake up calls for a lot of prejudices I had. His smile seemed somewhat slick. The kind of smile given too often, too generous, to a too large amount of women. His words were too sweet. Too alluring. Like trapps for catching young hearts. His haircut? Perfect. Too perfect. Like the one only a self absorbed person would have. His green eyes completed the picture. They were sometimes playful, sometimes cold, with an icy look. Intriguing. And he had tattoos. Was him a rebel? Too rebel for monogamy?

       Now, after almost a year, I’m convinced I haven’t misread him one bit. We should always trust first instinct. It never goes wrong. Because it was the heart that pushed me towards him in the first place. The heart always knows. The heart always tells you the truth. All the rest is just the distrustful mind. The suspicious mind that search for evidence to prove the heart wrong, because it cannot conceive that a feeling can be more intuitive than its careful scrutiny made in time, based on proofs, while pondering facts, while filtering informations, then The Heart must be wrong for sure, as it cannot know all that before The Mind. But the heart is always right. All you have to do is listen. I’m glad I did.

       My prejudices were shattered one by one. His smile is like the sun that appears on a cloudy day, with its single purpose to warm the heart. His words are like a balm for the soul, healing wounds and scratches I quite forgot I had. And even if I still call him Flirty sometimes, I do it lovingly, to tease, not to label him as shallow. His haircut remained well groomed, with each hair in its place. But I also saw him tousled and it’s just as adorable. His eyes are never icy. Their brightness it’s never cold. They can shed tears of happiness or frustration, but they’re always warmed by genuine feelings. About his tattoos… what more can I say now? I also have mines. His name is tattooed on all my wishes, on all my dreams, like a seal that grants joy. And it’s still his name that my heart continuously sings while telling the mind: “I told you so”.


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