The ball of fur

31 DAYS – a writing challenge – tenth day


       One of the loveliest destinations for taking a Romanian city break is the Bicaz Canyon. There are portions where the sides of the mountain are so close that makes it difficult for a bigger car to pass in between. It also has a tunnel, a little waterfall, a Red Lake, which is actually green, I don’t really know why is called red, and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. I went several times there, but my most treasured memory is from the age of ten, when I was accompanied by my fluffy friend. I got my little fur ball from an aunt in north Moldavia that we went to visit and we returned home thru the canyon.


       It was only two weeks old and spotless, completely white. I remember I made him a collar out of a piece of red velvet. It was the cutest thing. Too bad it cried at nights and kept the whole house awake, even a few neighbours. So my parents decided it had to go. We had some family friends that had an inn near and a little girl, so the puppie got a lot of space to run and another friend to play with. It was much better for him than to live in a city flat. Still, I struggled not to cry when they took him away.

 Untitled-1      My brother made me a surprise after that and brought me a pair of canaries. We also had parrots and lots of colourful little fishes afterwards, but no matter how lovely they are, they aren’t my favorite kind of pets. You can’t hug them. They don’t love you back as a puppy or a kitten would.

       Things didn’t change much in the meanwhile. I’m still living in a city flat, still with no fluffy pets. But… my sweet, sweet, adorable boyfriend asked me if I wanted to be a mommy for his puppy. My heart melted on the spot and it’s still melting each time I remember. He also promised me a kitty, so I couldn’t possibly be more happy or more in love with him. For this and another billion other things.


11 thoughts on “The ball of fur

  1. Aw, that is just so sweet! How do they say: “you never really lived unless you had a pup to call your friend” – enjoy your new friend!

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    • You’re most welcome to visit. If you liked the Bicaz Canyon, you could google The Transfăgărășan to see how amazing that is. Too bad they closing it for works now, but that definitely worth the travel when reopened. 🙂


  2. Loved your “Ball of Fur” post…I too love having a ball of fur to love – I have a 2 1/2 year old kitten/cat that we adopted from our local humane society…she is a lovable member of our household. We live in an apartment – similar to a “flat” I guess! and she stays indoors all the time. Thank you for sharing your story – and the beautiful pictures!!! (I am trying to catch up reading – I had saved your blog when I get the e-mails!).

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