Musical dream

263523_193011637416439_7955101_n31 DAYS – a writing challenge – eighth day

       I don’t have many regrets. While looking back, I don’t find too many things I wish I’ve done differently in my life. And it’s not out of indulgence for my actions, but I usually do what I want, when I want, without upsetting anyone. So I have a pretty unclouded conscience. One thing, though, I wish I could have done it earlier, better or at least for much longer. I wish I was more steadier in my tries of learning to play the piano.

           As a hopelessly romantic I also like the violin very much. I just love its easiness in creating within you a symphony of yearning, longing and melancholia, vibrating on strings you didn’t even knew your soul has. It’s also pretty versatile and can fill you with joy, as this happy violin. It depends on the mood. But I couldn’t possibly learn to play it, so I chosed the piano, which seemed more approachable.

       And so I bought myself an Yamaha keyboard and I start pleasing my fingers with many wanderings over its keys. Dunno how pleased my neighbours were though. It was pretty challenging, because I can’t read music notes, so I had to put on good use my visual memory. Luckily, the internet is filled with video tutorials for dummy people, so I start to watch my favorite piano song tutorial over and over again, pausing and trying to play by heart each fragment an enormous amount of times. After some time I was able to play it pretty well. That made me really happy and proud of myself. But then I went on a holiday for two months. When I came back I had more pressing things to do, and one thing after another, I realised one day that I haven’t played my little piano in years.

       A few months ago, I heard about a little girl which is studying the piano with a professor and that she is quite talented, but she didn’t had a piano to practice at home. Her parents probably didn’t afford a new one, so they were searching for a bargain. They made me a fair offer which I finally accepted.

       I give up on my piano with all my heart for the little girl. She’ll make it sing much lovelier than I’ll ever be able to. And who knows? Maybe soon I’ll recognise her among the youngsters that perform concerts on our town plaza during summer.


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