Forget a book somewhere

31 DAYS – a writing challenge – fifth dayreading        My first love wasn’t a human, nor a deity, but still had features of them both. It was only in its presence that my goblet of happiness was for so long full. And many nights we’ve spent together until the sun rose to drank his morning dew.

       It isn’t the object of adoration of myself only. We all worship it more or less, sooner or later. How can we not? It is the ideal retreat. The secret passage to worlds we’d never knew otherwise, to lives we never lived, to people we’re yet to met. We lose ourselves into its magic and we discover new forms of our being with every book we read.

       I’m saying this as it has always been a book that accompanied me in my loneliness, in my joys, in my wanderings and in my returnings. Always near, always available, as the most faithful friend I ever had. Some enjoyed their pets while in need for company. I had my books.

       Too bad that we’re sometimes ungrateful for the wonders it disclose to us and way too often we forget it on a shelf. We trade it for more innovative attractions. We replace it with newer interests. We lose it between a multitude of daily distractions. And so we hardly remember books exists anymore. This is a very actual and growing concern among the books lovers.

       Luckily, there are steps being taken in this regard. A beautiful social event started in Quebec became an international campaign for promoting reading. The name of this campaign is “Forget a book somewhere“. You basically have to “forget” a book on a bench, in a station, into a park or your favorite spot. Write a short message for the one who’ll find the book, to let them know what is this all about, then ask them to do the same with another book. Of course, the campaign it’s over now, but that’s not a reason for not perpetuating this beautiful idea. So I will also forget a book for you into this virtual world we sometimes interact with each other. An e-book, to be more precisely. Click here to download the book I left for you. They are all free, so no rights will be infringed. Happy reading and don’t forget to forget a book somewhere for someone else too!


4 thoughts on “Forget a book somewhere

  1. So, we are on Day 16…sorry I haven’t been faithful to continue reading earlier in our writing!!! Things really get BUSY and there are sooooo many great blogs I want to read…so I save them until I can! Today is my READ BLOGS day!!! But, I want to say about this “Forget a Book Somewhere”…what a GREAT idea!!! I LOVE to read; and prefer to hold the REAL thing in my hands or on my lap while I am reading. We have a “book exchange” at our church; just leave our book(s) and take a book(s) kind of exchange…I’ve gotten some pretty good books that way. Then I pass them back; or I take them to a used book store where I can accumulate credits to purchase books at a reduced rate. Thanks for sharing! I’ll be catching up!!


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