About friendship – part II

31 DAYS – a writing challenge – third day

       Italians have an unique way of naming the most special friend one have. They call it “l’amica del cuore“. Or “l’amico” for males. It goes beyond being the best friend. It means “the friend of the heart”. I’ll dare go even further than that and define it as the soulmate in friendship. The highest rank in its hierarchy.

       2We all have many acquaintances. Some colleagues, some pals, a decent amount of friends, and if we are lucky enough, a few very good friends. Maybe even a best friend. But what about l’amica del cuore? That type of friend who is just as meaningful as the love of your life, but on a different level. Is it replaceable? Could that spot be occupied by various best friends during a lifetime or it stays vacant until the right person come along?

       As a teenager I had enough friends. It never been difficult for me to befriend someone. I’ve always been honest and genuine in my affection towards others, but somewhere deep in my heart I knew they were only teens I hangout with and that my heart still awaited that kind of special friend that once had. And while I felt somewhat nostalgic about a deeper connection, I received a surprise visit. I didn’t even recognised her at first. But it was her, the curly brunette I didn’t quite appreciate when we were little. She was still shy and not so chatty, but she had lovely manners and I felt within her a very kind soul. I never thought I will one day feel joy in seeing her. But I was glad we could reconnect. It was, after all, a lost link with a happier stage of my life in terms of friendships. We didn’t saw each other for the last 8 or 9 years and I was curious to know what drove her by. She said that she dearly remembered how the three of us, me, her and our mutual blonde friend, played together when we were little. And how my mom was always treating us with cookies. It made me smile. And so it happened that we start to hangout again. It still was too modest and quite mediocre in many regards to become my best friend, but at least I promote her from being just a girl I knew to the rank of a very good friend.

To be continued


2 thoughts on “About friendship – part II

  1. Thank you for making time to read it, Mindy! 🙂
    Yes, there is! And I’m glad they came up with it. It’s a fancy name for a lovely feeling. 🙂


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