First step

31 DAYS – a writing challenge – day one

photo       The very first poem I ever wrote was about a squirrel that made a tablecloth out of a leaf. I was 10 or 11 years old when The Muses struck me the first time. Too bad I didn’t care much about my childhood notebooks and I misplaced them somewhere. I really wish I have kept them safe. Among other things, like my first spring card I ever received from a boy – I was in the second grade and the only girl from my class to get a card – my fav sweater or some toys. But my clothes were given away to my little cousins when they didn’t fit me anymore, my toys to the less fortunate children, and so on and so forth, until I had none left. The only thing that survived time is my first grade pink pen, the one with the panda head, made in China, very famous among us, the kids of those times.

       Later on I toyed with poetry mainly for impressing the online audience. I used to answer in rhymes to a guy that was using poetry to mentally seduce me. It was a very sophisticated game in my early twenties. Or at least that was my impression back then. I still have the transcript of some of our versified “encounters”. There was someone who ironically asked who am I quoting from. That was a pretty awesome compliment. Even if not intended. We both were pretty good at writing quatrains. He even published a poem about me among many others. I think that’s his best so far.

       I also published some poems. Or, truth be told, someone publish them as a surprise for me. As a writer and a poet, he must have pulled some strings to slip them into a magazine. But would editors still choose my poems for publishing without his interfering? I don’t know. But I’ll try find out.

       I never took poetry too serious. For me it was more an amusement than a way of expressing myself. Just an easy way to make someone smile or to get noticed and receive a nice feedback. But what if I could make more people smile? What if the feedback could be from a larger audience? In the last year, a not so secret dream anymore – as I’m disclosing it here, seemed to grow within me: to write a book. I haven’t decided if it would be a book of poems or short stories, but at least I’m taking steps in this regard. I enrolled for two courses in Coursera: “Modern and Contemporary American Poetry” and “English Composition I: Achieving Expertise”.

      31 days I already learned a lot of interesting, valuable things and technics, but the most useful tip, The Tip, is to write constantly, no matter what. If you want to become a writer, just write. Practice makes it perfect, as they say. So I’m writing. And just to see how the Universe conspire to help you get things done, last night, while scrolling on Facebook, I found a post about the “31 Days Challenge“. Thank you, Ana.  😉 So… challenge accepted. Just made my first step.


2 thoughts on “First step

  1. Great post. When I first start writing poetry, it was solely for my own pleasure – however, I recently completed a poetry module in my degree, and it made me re-consider, that I could actually think professionally about poetry or a possible job/career alongside my love of other areas of writing.

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  2. Thank you, Kat, for your compliment and for my first blog comment as well. ^_^
    Yes, I also think that if you’re passionate about something, you should do all in your power to strengthen and shape your talent until you feel confident enough to share it with others.


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