Amusing sore spot

jb            Uh la la, I just recalled an amusing fact: baby have a funny sore spot. It makes me giggle everytime I remember. Of course, he’s not as amused, but even that is part of my amusement. And if I’d ever want or, truth be told, have the courage to annoy him on the spot on purpose, I’ll just have to compare him with Johnny Bravo. That’s my baby’s hot spot. Same effect if I’d place Johnny’s words into a proper context: „it’s a beautiful day, but not as beautiful as me”. I know, I will get the stink eye. But that would be amusing too.

       Anyway, that puts me in a dilemma. I’m not sure whether my cheeky amusement should go on my „funny things to do” list or on my „do not… ever” list.

       Lucky for him (or for me?) I’m too wise to annoy someone on purpose. Fine, not that wise, but at least polite. Assuming I’m not challenged, of course, in which case I can’t respond for what I might do.

       I just don’t get it. How is that not funny? And why would that feel offensive? I think is hilarious. It’s not like I’m comparing their nature or reducing him to a merely cartoon. It’s just that they are both good looking and have similar haircuts. In self defense, I repeat: similar, not identical. And that’s it. Oh, wait. Baby send me lots of selfies. I guess a little trace of narcissism it’s another feature they both share. „It’s a beautiful day, but not as beautiful as me”. Here we go again. I just can’t stop. He’s way too cute. Of course, in the most manly kinda cute way. But I have the right to tease him a little, don’t I? That’s what girlfriends do.

       Note to myself: if baby ever get to read all this and his sense of humor didn’t noticeably increase in the meanwhile, put on the puppies eyes. Save yourself! Even if inside your mind you’re rolling on the floor laughing, don’t forget the puppies eyes.


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